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The main exhibition area of Europe 2022

From the seventh to the tenth of June, an important agro-industrial event will take place in Kyiv – the International Exhibition “AGRO-2022”. This event of the agricultural sector is one of the largest and most significant not only in Ukraine but also in most European countries. It has been around for 34 consecutive years.

From year to year, thousands of companies not only in Ukraine but also in Europe attend this special event. For many companies, it has become a kind of professional tradition. Next year it will be organized on the premises of the National Complex “Expocentre of Ukraine”.

The organizers are already carrying out active preparatory work so that the exhibition will be held at a high level, exceeding the expectations of both participants and visitors. Alexander Pogrebnoy, director and main organizer of AGRO-2022, tells the media that next year visitors to the exhibition will be pleasantly surprised, despite its long-standing format and long history.

Who will participate in AGRO-2022?

The AGRO-2021 exhibition event was attended by 1,080 agro-industrial companies and about 90,000 guests, including companies from China and many European countries. Based on the results of the surveys, as well as the interest in this event and numerous positive reviews, we can conclude that the scale of the exhibition will increase significantly next year.

This fact is confirmed by the fact that in 2022 the demonstration of live farm animals will be resumed, which was canceled for the last two years due to the situation with the coronavirus. Also, the improvement of the logistics situation and the opening of routes makes it possible for companies from many foreign countries to take part in the event. Traditionally, on the scale of AGRO-2022, exhibitions of specialized areas will be organized, such as ExpoAgroTech, Equisvit, EcoHouse, Animal’EX , Hi-TechAgro, AgroBuild-Expo, Organis.

The main points of “AGRO-2022”

Applications for participation in AGRO-2022 are already being actively submitted from different parts of Europe and Ukraine. Early applications provide an excellent opportunity to choose a better and more convenient location to profitably place exhibits for display. The main focus of the exhibition event will be directed to innovations in agricultural technologies, new agricultural equipment, and machinery, effective solutions for small and large agricultural events.

The international agro-industrial event “AGRO-2022”, in addition to official and business events, will be with entertainment. Specialized forums and conferences will be held, round tables will be organized for heads of agricultural departments, specialists from top enterprises, top managers, scientists, and international experts.

To have fun, relax and get positive emotions, guests and exhibitors can visit the Agro Auto Show car festival with organized test drives. If someone does not like such emotions, you can visit the festival of national producers of goods “FEST UA” or the culinary festival “AgroFoodFest”.

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