Exhibition stands from NAUKA EXPO

Main types of stand decoration for successful exhibitions

It’s not only company’s image and specificity, which is demonstrated by sophisticated decoration of exhibition stands. It is a powerful tool that increases competitiveness by providing the best possible goods and services. An interesting, bright, and eye-catching picture attracts the attention of potential customers, clients, investors, and partners.

What should be the decoration of exhibition stands

Undoubtedly, the decor of the stand should correspond to the specifics of the exhibition and the concept of the brand is demonstrated. The design can be varied, embodying all kinds of ideas and fantasies. The main thing is that they focus on themselves the attention of the visitors of the exhibition, offering them the satisfaction of their needs and wishes, the solution of the set goals and objectives. When decorating stands, innovative technologies and design trends are used, taking as a basis the concept and specifics of the demonstrated company.

The most relevant types of decorating exhibition stands

For the stand to fulfill the assigned tasks and stand out favorably against the background of competitors, it is important to take into account every detail, including decoration, when designing and decorating it. Effectiveness is given by the following types of decoration:

  • Branding. The logo, the name of the trademark or company, as well as compliance with the corporate style, are mandatory design elements. All this must be deposited in the memory of potential customers, buyers, or partners.
  • Geometric shapes. Cubes, cones, cylinders, balls, and other geometric shapes are perfect for laconic exhibition designs that are presented by companies and organizations with a technical focus.
  • Backlight. The illumination inside the structure in conjunction with translucent or transparent finishing materials looks spectacular and attracts the attention of visitors.
  • Eco-style. A popular trend in decoration using natural materials (fabric, wood, stones, etc.), imitation of natural textures, living plants, wicker furniture, and elements.
  • Water installation. The freshness, cleanliness, and sound of the water will attract attention. Various aquariums, small fountains, waterfalls, canals, and pools will add value to your exhibition project.
  • Floristics. The floristic decoration will exquisitely and gently decorate the exhibition space. Artificial and live plants, bouquets and individual flowers, various mosses, trees, and shrubs can be used. All this can be supplemented with sawdust and stones.
  • Art objects. They will make the exhibition stands exclusive and spectacular, which will attract attention. Appearance, colors, size, and shapes are limited by the imagination of the customer and the needs of consumers.
  • Designer furniture. It is used for arranging open spaces and meeting areas for guests. It can be a bar or office chairs and tables, comfortable sofas and armchairs, various showcases. The general concept or thematic style of the exhibition area is supported.
  • Multimedia. Special equipment and screens are used, which create an interactive effect, projections, and light shows. All this looks impressive and enchanting, arousing the interest of visitors.

The NAUKA group of companies, which has been successfully organizing exhibitions in Ukraine and other countries for many years, will help to create and decorate in the best way. An exclusive stand from NAUKA will become a guarantee of effective participation in the exhibition.

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