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Exhibition stand design trends

An exhibition stand is very important element, which helps to create the correct image of the company. Basically, it’s the face of a company or a kind of mini-office. It talks about the services provided, the products and goods produced, displaying the ideology, corporate identity, and image of the company. To be “in trend”, exhibition stands should be designed in the spirit of the times, but at the same time focusing on the needs of the target audience, it’s social and age group.

In developing a stand design, it is important to use innovative and creative components, which will help not to get lost among competitors and make a good impression. There are a lot of the variants to carry out this task properly. This approach will bring maximum efficiency from participation in the exhibition event and will attract the attention of potential customers (buyers).

Trending design options for exhibition stands

There are a lot of the opportunities for those who want to use stand as an instrument of advertisement. Fashion trends in the exhibition area, as in any other, change annually. Companies that take part in thematic exhibitions try to be in trend and correspond to fashion trends. Stand equipment is made more and more impressive and creative every year.

To create it, innovative technologies, modern materials, and fashionable designs are used. A competent combination of advertising, design, modern devices, technical and informational content is always in trend. The result is a beautiful, useful and eye-catching image.

The most relevant at present are the following design designs:

  • 3D effects and original shapes. Content can be delivered by plasma screens, touch screens, holograms, and other systems that project information in 3D format. Also, original forms of the structure look beneficial, for example, lines of an amorphous or broken type, bright, contrasting or light, large lightboxes.
  • The reality is virtual and additional. When using AR and VR elements, a special reality is created. This allows you to interact with your target audience by providing guests with a rewarding and engaging visual tour that explains the benefits of the service or product being offered.
  • Naturalness and eco-style. The topic of ecology is gaining more and more popularity, so the eco-style is more relevant than ever. The use of natural and natural materials that are environmentally friendly is encouraged. This can be decorative wood or natural fabrics, the use of wicker furniture, live plants, as well as imitation of all kinds of natural textures.

Comfort is the main trend in exhibition stand design

Convenience, coziness, and comfort for visitors is a very successful design technique in organizing an exhibition space. This approach will help to distract from the hustle and bustle to concentrate on the main purpose of visiting the exhibition. Comfortable atmosphere, correctly exposed lighting, cozy areas for communication and negotiations – all this inspires confidence and draws attention to the exhibition composition.

Excessive formality at exhibitions is not so relevant today. The trend has become a relaxed and friendly environment, focusing on meeting the needs of the target audience. This approach is a factor of trust, attractiveness, and success. Correct interior lighting, comfortable furniture, and cozy decor dispose to trusting communication, which ultimately determines the success of the participation in the exhibition.

The NAUKA team of specialists always follows design trends when developing exhibition stands. In our professional design studio, effective business spaces are created, creative ideas are embodied in 3D projects. The result is exhibition stands that best showcase a company’s products or services.


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