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How to choose the size and type of exhibition booth?

Exhibition stands are business cards of companies. They are presented in the form of various designs. It helps to present products, goods, or services to attract new customers, partners, buyers. Since exhibitions are different in topics and purposes, stands are organized differently in type, design, and size to look favorably against the background of competitors’ presentations.

Choosing the best type of stand for the exhibition

You should be guided by many points when choosing the type of exhibition stand. These are the format and scale of the event, the reputation and size of the company, the goals set, and the amount of money allocated for these goals.

Taking into account the above factors, suitable types of stands are selected:

  • Standard. The most common type of stand. The stand is based on typical aluminum structures. They are characterized by conciseness and simplicity, they are used for small spaces. Consists of a workspace, a showcase, and optional equipment
  • Standard plus. The stand of the Standard plus category combines elements of a standard and exclusive stand, allowing you to organize the right space for communication. The stand is based on aluminum systems, which makes it possible to create a stand with various architectural and design solutions.
  • Exclusive. Unusual and original in design, non-standard in shape and size. This option reflects the company’s image and corporate identity. It stands out favorably against the background of competitors, attracting the attention of the target audience. Exclusive stands are considered the most effective for marketing

Choosing an exhibition stand of suitable dimensions

When choosing a stand for an exhibition, it is first of all important to determine the optimal size of its structure so that it looks profitable and effective. This will avoid complications and unnecessary financial expenses from your side. There are several factors to consider when choosing:

  • The scale of the exhibition event;
  • Exhibition space parameters
  • Competition and number of participants;
  • Expected number of visitors;
  • The reputation and size of the company;
  • The size and number of exhibits are presented.

At different exhibitions, the organizers provide participants with areas of different sizes. For a good visual perception, there should be free space at the exhibition stand. This provides comfort for exhibitors and visitors. The price of participation depends on the size of the area rented at the exhibition. That is, the larger the stand is, the more expensive the participation in the event will be.

As for the NAUKA, it’s a group of companies will help to create a stand of the optimal size and type for any company, which will ensure successful and effective participation in the event. It will best demonstrate the company’s products or services and will display functional problem solving and meeting the needs of potential customers.

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