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Exhibition business in Ukraine 2021

There are a lot of difficulties and introduced restrictions, created by quarantine. They created the holding of exhibitions, conferences, and other events. Despite this, the exhibition season 2021 in Ukraine is being held successfully, albeit in a completely new way. Many events under the lockdown hour were organized online using modern technologies and with the concept of presence. Also, exhibitions began to be held offline in compliance with quarantine safety standards.

Safe and comfortable space for the exhibition business

In the new conditions of the pandemic, the holding of any events, including exhibitions, requires a special organization of health protection. In the first place, the creation of sanitary and hygienic conditions for safe meetings and pastimes, providing a comfortable atmosphere for guests and visitors.

All events are held by the current legislation (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 500 of 06/17/2020), as well as the recommendations of the Standing Commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies, the European Alliance of the Exhibition Industry EEIA, and the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI.

Much is being done for the safety, health, well-being, comfort of exhibitors and visitors. First of all, these are organizational aspects:

  • Creation of a system of online registration and purchase of tickets for visiting the exhibition;
  • Equipment of pavilions with modern air conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • Constantly working medical office with qualified personnel;
  • Increased number of guards to monitor compliance with quarantine regulations;
  • Control of the number of visitors who are simultaneously in the pavilion, the congestion of people, and the socially safe distance between them;
  • Separation of directions for entry and exit to the premises, marking on the floor of a safe social distance;
  • Increase of aisles between exhibition stands, arrangement of furniture based on social distancing;
  • Carrying out regular cleaning with disinfection of surfaces (at least every two hours), which are most often touched by people;
  • Provides audio information about quarantine restrictions, safety rules, and stay in exhibition pavilions.

In addition to the above organizational aspects, exhibition events in 2021 in Ukraine necessarily provide for the availability of personal protective equipment for participants and visitors. The employees of the exhibition event, as well as visitors, observe a mask regime and a socially safe distance. Information stands, cash desks, and so on are equipped with special protective plastic shields.

At the entrance to the exhibition pavilions, the temperature must be checked by the method of contactless control and the hands are disinfected. For general use, disinfectants are provided, which are located not only at the entrance, but also inside the pavilions and, necessarily, in toilets.

Our group of companies NAUKA takes an active part in the exhibition business of Ukraine 2021, by the current legislation and observing quarantine measures. We are an expert with many years of experience in organizing exhibitions not only in Ukraine but all over the world.

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