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All about the ergonomics of the exhibition stand

Ergonomics in the design of an exhibition stand performs a very important function. After all, design reflects not only the appearance and aesthetics, it contributes to the effectiveness of the perception of a product or service. Our company Nauka Expo pays special attention to the design and ergonomics of exhibition stands, convenient and efficient organization of its working area.

Basic rules for effective exhibition stand ergonomics

Whether it is exclusive or standard exhibition stands, it is advisable to adhere to the basic rules of ergonomics in their manufacture. This approach will increase the efficiency of perception of the exhibits, goods, and services shown at the exhibitions.

Convenient and free entrance to the installation space

Be sure to consider and calculate whether there will be enough space for the number of visitors expected at the exhibition. We are not talking about free and open access (which is also very important), but about a controlled entrance to the space of the exhibition stand.

Thoughtful areas for displaying exhibits

You should allocate enough space to accommodate all the exhibits and leave free space between them. It is vital to arrange the exposure areas in a way that open access is provided for visitors consideration. If the scale of the exhibition is small and the area allocated to you is tiny, you should not try to show all the exhibits. Simply choose a few new or important products. The rest of the products can be shown to interested visitors using videos or catalogs.

Properly thought-out meeting areas

It is necessary to carefully calculate the area of the zones for negotiations and the distances between them, taking into consideration the needs of visitors and the scale of a particular event. If you expect the flow of visitors to be massive, then the areas reserved for negotiations should not be conducive to long-term communication. And vice versa, if longer communication is required, it is important that the exhibition stand is equipped with cozy negotiation areas.

Hidden utility rooms

Do not forget about the importance of invisible areas of exhibition stands. The utility room, invisible to visitors, should be organized as rationally and comfortably as possible for the personnel working at the exhibition because they will spend a full day here. The design of the booth should be harmoniously balanced throughout the exhibition area so that the space is comfortable and aesthetic.

Don’t forget your branding

When designing an exhibition stand, especially when placing brand elements, you should consider the direction of visitor flows. At the main entrances of the exhibition pavilions, spectacular elements of branding in the background should be viewable. The name and logo of the brand should be placed at the eye level of visitors. It is vital that a potential buyer or client immediately identifies and distinguishes your brand from many others.

When designing standard or exclusive exhibition stands, our company Nauka Expo carefully considers all the little things and details, takes into account the wishes of the customer and the target audience. We strive to create stands that will be optimally comfortable for visitors and staff, guaranteeing an amazing economic result. If you need a universal and effective solution at an affordable cost, our specialists will offer Standard + stands. It will attract all the attention and show the displayed exhibits in your favor.

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